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Battle of Titan (Very Easy)
Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and is an incredible world. It is known to have liquids in the form of rivers, lakes and seas. Now, there is battle brewing for control of Titan and your students have been recruited to assist! Battle of Titan is a fun and powerful piece to show off your ensemble. Your kids will enjoy the journey through space to the Battle of Titan! Please note instructional materials are included: Melodic Charts $50

Launch Day March (Very Easy)
T – 3… 2… 1… and we have lift off to a cleverly designed march! Perfect for young bands and tailored to make your ensemble sound full! It’s a march with a catchy melody and energetic rhythmic harmony that will delight your audiences and excite your students! $40

Nomadic March (Very Easy)
Designed to make your ensemble sound full! Written for Mr. Jeff Dubose and the Mabank Junior High ensembles, this march has a catchy melody that will delight your audiences! $40

Día de los Muertos March (Easy)

Dia de Los Muertos March celebrates the holiday Dia de los Muertos (English: Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and by people of Mexican heritage throughout the world. A unique march that is sure to be a hit with your kids and audiences alike! $45

Noche de los Muertos March (Medium Easy)
Based on the Di­a de los Muertos Mexican holiday, this is an unique & catchy little march that will be a hit with your kids and audiences alike! $50

Fenix March (Very Easy) Tailored for young musicians! This march is perfect for making small ensembles sound big with thick scoring and a catchy melody. $40

March from Love for Three Oranges (Medium)

Perfect march when you want that “different” sound and great teaching tool to introduce early 20th century music to your students! $45

Marche et Cortege de Bacchus (Medium)

Cute little march from 19th century ballet. Featuring a trumpet soli/solo at the beginning, this march is sure to entertain! $50

Stingray March (Medium)
Stingray March is a medium grade march perfect for your next contest or festival. It’s a very rhythmic piece that will make your ensemble sound fantastic! $50

Percussion Ensembles

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